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A description of a type of insurance or reinsurance business based on the risks being covered. The Lloyd's market underwrites eight main classes of insurance and reinsurance business: reinsurance, property, casualty, marine, energy, motor, aviation and life. Each of these main classes consist of a number of sub-classes. In accordance with PRA rules, all business written in the life class is written by separate life syndicates and the premium is held in separate premium trust funds.

Company type

At Lloyd’s, brokers act as the agent of the insured or reinsured to arrange insurance or reinsurance with Lloyd’s syndicates. Brokers may be registered Lloyd’s Brokers who are able to enter into terms of business agreements with any Lloyd’s managing agent. Non-Lloyd’s brokers may also enter into terms of business agreements subject to the managing agent assessing that the broker meets certain minimum standards. Only brokers registered as Lloyd’s Brokers may refer to themselves as a Lloyd’s Broker. Many broking firms are also approved by Lloyd’s to act as a coverholder (See Coverholder).

A company or partnership authorised by a managing agent to enter into a contract or contracts of insurance to be underwritten by the members of a syndicate managed by it, in accordance with the terms of a binding authority.

An underwriting agent which has permission from Lloyd’s to manage a syndicate and carry on underwriting and other functions for a member.
An underwriting agent which has permission from Lloyd’s to be appointed by a member to provide services and perform duties of the same kind and nature as those set out in the standard members’ agent’s agreement. These services and duties include advising the member on which syndicates he should participate, the level of participation on such syndicates and liaising with the member’s managing agents.
A firm that produces business to a Lloyd’s broker for placement on an open market basis. Lloyd’s requires that firms in certain overseas territories must be approved or registered by its attorney in fact or general representative before they can produce business to one or more sponsoring Lloyd’s brokers for placement on an open market basis.

A broker that provides the broking support for business in run off. At Lloyd’s, Lloyd’s brokers that undertake to limit their business to acting as a run off broker are given a dispensation from a number of requirements that otherwise apply to Lloyd’s brokers.

Lloyd’s Syndicates

The spreadsheet from the following link provides details of all the syndicates that are active for the 2022 Year of Account, along with their name and Lloyd’s Europe processing number.  Also shown are Special Purpose Arrangements (SPA), RITC syndicates and syndicates in run-off.

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The network comprises over 300 Lloyd's Agents and almost 340 Sub Agents in every major port and commercial centre in the world. Their primary purpose is to provide a range of surveying and adjusting services to the global insurance market and its customers.

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